Paul Nabil Matthis

Fantasy Author

Paul is a writer and musician living in Los Angeles. He has written award-winning musicals, blogs, and short fiction, and he has composition degrees from FSU (BA) and California Institute of the Arts (MFA). Orksong is his first novel, which is in the final stages of editing and revisions. It's a multimedia project that includes an RPG built on the Dungeon World system and an album of music from the novel.

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The Story

ORKSONG is the first of a planned fantasy trilogy in an original setting. It's about an albino half-ork named Rayna who scrapes out an existence in a hidden city with the rest of her tribe, most of whom consider her an embarrassment (at best). The halfbreeds spend most of their time trying to pretend they're human and failing miserably. There's also a set of magic armor and a volcano.

I'm half-Syrian, so I wrote about mutts-like-me in an original setting, where I could use bastardized versions of classic fantasy races to tell a story that subverts common fantasy tropes. The novel will appeal to readers who enjoy the rigid magic systems of Brandon Sanderson, the expansive worldbuildling of Pat Rothfuss, and strong characters such as those found in N. K. Jemisin's works.

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